We are The Friends of Ivy Chimneys Primary School in Epping, Essex – otherwise known as FoICS, and are the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). We’re made up of parents and teachers who volunteer alongside the school to improve outcomes for all our children.


We do this by raising money for school resources to enhance the children’s learning and wellbeing. We also aim to foster a community spirit and sense of connection by inviting as many people as possible to get involved on any level. We believe everyone has something special to offer and that puts the magic into our community events and projects.


We have named committee roles and committee members who tend to be regular helpers, but in addition to that we have many people who dip in and out as their time (or interest) allows. All are welcome, valued and greatly appreciated!

In the early and late planning stages, we often communicate through Whatspp (there is a “Committee” group and a larger “Team” group). If you would like to be added to either at any time, please email chair@foics.org. Learn more about how we work below.

The committee

2022 Tara Wallace-Senior
Tara Wallace-Senior


2022 Liz
Liz Napthine


2022 Christine Ellsom
Christine Ellsom


FOICS (new)
Yvette Mays



Website and lottery

Becky and Mandy

Graphic Designers




Social Media


Green Coordinator



A special thank you to everyone who has generously donated their time, money and ideas over the years.

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