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Summer Disco

Next event: To be confirmed

What is it?

A disco on the school field, hopefully in the sunshine - music, dancing and fun! There'll be tattoos, face gems, coloured hair spray and hair glitter to add that extra magic!


Where is it held?

If we have good weather, the disco will take place on the field.  If not, it will take place in the hall.

How much does it cost?

It costs £5 per child - tickets available to buy online only. It includes all the extras, including drinks.

What else do I need to know?
  • Wristbands for those with tickets will be given out in class on the day. Children must wear them on arrival or bring proof of purchase.

  • You'll need to drop off the children at the gate outside the foundation classrooms, assuming the weather is good and the disco is on the field (otherwise it will be in the main hall).

  • Pick up is from the gate outside the foundation classrooms. It will take some time because we need to make sure that the children are being picked up by the appropriate adult.

  • We'd welcome cake and fruit donations - whether shop-bought or homemade (though no nuts or strawberries allowed, as we have allergic children). These can be dropped at reception any time on the day, right up until the disco.

  • No mobile phones - the same school hours rules apply.

Feedback - let us know what you think

We always want to hear how we're doing and how we might do things even better. So please share any feedback or ideas you have about our events, communications or other things we're involved in. Email us at

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