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Next event: 25th to 31st October 2021

Pumpkin Festival


The pumpkin trail

STEP 1: Paint, decorate and/or carve your pumpkin and display it outside or in a window. Add a Friends of Ivy Chimneys School Pumpkin Festival sign which you can colour in.


STEP 2: Take a photo of your pumpkin and upload it to the school’s Google Drive (a link will be sent to everyone by Parentmail) - no children in the photos please as its a public website. Here's how you upload your photo:

  • Save your photo as your child’s first name, initial of surname, and class (if you don’t, we can’t name the winners). You will need to do this on a PC or Mac, rather than on a phone.
  • Go to the google drive address (which will be sent by ParentMail) and click on the folder for your child’s year group. Once in there, click the “New +” icon on the left side of the screen and upload your child's pumpkin photo.
  • Take care not to delete or move anyone else’s photo as everyone has access to the folders. If you struggle, you can email your photo with your child’s name, class and year group to

STEP 3: Go for a walk around Epping and see how many pumpkins you can find - or view pumpkin entires online! Winners will be announced here on 3rd November 2021.

The scavenger hunt

STEP 1: Get your own scavenger hunt map and list (available Monday 25th October). Get dressed up ready for the hunt!

STEP 2: Join us from 4pm till 6pm on Saturday 30th or Sunday 31st (or any time during half term).

STEP 3: Tick off as many items as you can find from the list and have some spooky fun!


Feedback - let us know what you think

We always want to hear how we're doing and how we might do things even better. So please share any feedback or ideas you have about our events, communications or other things we're involved in. Email us at

2021 - Pumpkin Festival Poster
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