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Kaye's winter update 2019

Let's Spend some Money!

The parents and children of Ivy Chimneys continue to support our community - we have raised so much money and will continue to do so.

What are we going to do next? LOTS!!

We are ‘going halves’ with the school on a number of things and funding a few items ourselves:

  • EYFS Playground upgrade - £3,500

  • Portacabin refurbishment - £8,000

  • Yr4 playground equipment - £300

  • Playground sensory area - £2,000

  • New library system - £5,000

  • Table and chairs outside Birch and Elm classes - £500

  • Repaint of school logo and new sign outside reception - £500

  • Supplies for all classes - £1,000

We have enough money in our bank account for most of the above, but we are looking to raise another £5,000 from the remaining events this year.

Our Targets are as follows and are based on funds raised at previous events:

  • Quiz Night – 7 Feb - £800

  • KS1 M&M – 17 Mar - £200

  • Easter Discos – 1 April - £750

  • KS2 M&M – 24 April - £200

  • Dads’ to School Day – 12 June - £200

  • KS2 M&M – 15 June - £200

  • Ivy Summer Festival - £2,500

  • Summer Disco – 20 July - £750

If we can exceed our targets for the year we would like to be able to give something back to the parents and children for being so amazing! Watch this space.

If you have any ideas for improvements or spending requests please get in touch at

Upcoming Events and Volunteer List

We’ve got lots of lovely parents helping out this year - thanks to you all. We need lots more volunteers at the events. If we don’t have enough volunteers unfortunately we have to cancel events.

If you want to help, here is what’s coming up:

  • KS1 M&M – 17 Mar

- Kate Webster - Lead

  • Easter Discos – 1 April

  • KS2 M&M – 24 April

- Wendy Adams - Lead

  • ‘Dads’ to School Day – 12 June

  • KS2 M&M – 15 June

  • Ivy Summer Festival

- Kaye Vass - Lead

- Sarah Betts - Lead

  • Summer Disco – 20 July

- Kaye Vass - Lead

  • MISC

- Finance – Sophie Martin

- Digital and Artwork – Lee Betts and Andy Leader

- Communications – Kaye Vass and Wendy Adams

- Social Media – Maria Surman, Kaye Vass, Julie Patience

- Grant Applications – Kate Webster

- Go Green Initiative – Mandy Salt


As Chair, I find it uncomfortable asking people to continually give up their precious time. I do not have paid employees that work for me between 9-5, 5 days a week. I have a team of parent volunteers who are interested in helping out when they can. We all have different priorities, personal things going on at home, different work patterns, child care issues(!!).

We also have a really full calendar of events that parents and kids are expecting to go ahead. When the pressure is on and the days are running out you all step up to the plate -how many cakes did we end up with at the disco!! However, it would be great if we could be more of a proactive team, rather than a reactive team. I am seeing it more and more, let’s keep it up.

So that’s why I have set up Trello. It will help me to be organised but should also help you to pick and choose the things you may want to help out with. You all have the green school calendar; you all know when the next event is. There are 48 people on the FoICS WhatsApp group, if I had 48 people on Trello checking out what’s needed and when this gig would be a breeze!

On Trello you will find things like turning the freezer on before the Quiz Night, putting up the Movies and Munch posters, volunteering on a stall at the Summer Fayre. It will also be a space for you to capture ideas – feedback on events, new events or where you think we should be spending our money.

Please sign up to Trello at, and join the FoICS team to monitor the events boards. Get in touch on WhatsApp, the socials or at if you need help.

Each board contains a list of ‘things to do’ or cards. Within each card you will see a space for comments, instructions, attachments and due dates. Each card will have a set of instructions.

A member can pick a card, assign themselves to the job and move the card to “doing”. This will help FOICS to share responsibility and work loads, and also enable the wider team to understand what needs to be done and get involved more. When the task has been completed the member should move it to “Done”. Simples!

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