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Direction of FoICS for 2020/21

Hi all,

What a crazy and challenging year we’ve had so far! And with new standards of ‘normal’ which will probably continue for some time. I’ve recently volunteered to chair the FOICS along with Kaye Vass and am looking forward being on the team; coming together with you all to stage some lovely events for the kids. As things have changed so much recently, we thought it might be a good time to clarify the FOICS role for the year ahead.

The silver lining of these difficult circumstances is that we have the chance to spread our creative wings (!); we can think how we can make events COVID compatible, and we can introduce some new concepts/events to keep things interesting and lively. Woop woop!

So, generally the purpose of the PTA is to:

  1. Fundraise for the school

  2. Foster a sense of community and belonging for both children and adults. This is done through events, volunteering at events/being on the committee – generally coming together over something – FEELS GOOD!

Finances have been strained for many over the last few months, so this year fundraising will take a bit of a back seat (well, maybe a passenger seat!), and we would like to focus on bringing back that Ivy Chimneys community spirit which has probably waned over lockdown.

Aims for 2020-2021

  • Generally break even on events; a profit would be a bonus

  • Foster community spirit

  • Staging events which are COVID compatible

  • Encouraging more parents to get involved on any level (from suggesting an idea, to helping plan an event, to helping out on the day). Provide a warm, welcoming “give-it-a-go-doesn’t-matter-if-it’s-not-perfect” atmosphere

  • Introduce and experiment with some new events/concepts – stay innovative, creative, open-minded and welcoming to lots of different voices/ideas

  • Keep things as simple but effective as possible; to maximise the fun and minimise the pressure (the enemy of fun!)

  • Include some parent-child events (rather than parent-only events, as we end up with the same group of people otherwise!).

  • Consider how we are going to ‘pitch’/market each event, and how we will communicate this (notice board, parentmails, social media etc)

  • Be as green and sustainable as possible

  • Be as cashless as possible (saves time, effort and avoids the risk of losing the cash!)

Any thoughts, please what’s app me or Kaye on any of the FOICS groups, or you can PM us.

Leeeeeet’s go!!


(Mum to Phoebe N, year 2) xxx

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