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Christmas Cards & Gifts


What is it?

The children produce some Christmas or winter-themed art, which is then put on a card or gift of your choice. Friends of Ivy Chimneys School raise money by receiving a donation for every item ordered.

What do I need to do?
  1. Your child will have brought home the artwork template from school - you can pick up further copies in the school reception or print them here.

  2. Your child should produce their design on the artwork template - make sure they have fun! There are some pictures below if you need any inspiration. 

  3. You'll need to return the template to school reception by the deadline - we can't accept anything after that date or artwork that hasn't followed the guidelines on the information sheet.

  4. You'll be sent a complimentary sample card from the provider to preview how it looks - you just need to send off the accompanying form if you'd like to order anything.


How much does it cost?          

It will depend on how many cards you order - or if you'd rather a gift. A pack of 12 cards usually costs around £10, with discounts for buying more. And gifts - like mugs, calendars and t-shirts - are usually priced between £10 to £20. You can find out more about the provider - Fat Chilli - and the products available on their website.

What else do I need to know?

Follow the guidelines

  • You can print the artwork template on to paper or card (which might be better if you are using glue or paint in your design) - and you can use any colour paper you like too.

  • Make sure you have filled out all the details on the artwork template - including class, child's name and artwork title.

  • Create your design in the square below the dotted line. The space is intentionally larger than the actual cards - Fat Chilli will automatically reduce the size of the artwork to fit the cards or gift.


Use lots of colour and contrast

  • Bright and colourful artwork reproduces well on Fat Chilli’s range of cards and gifts, so be bold! Poster paint, pastels, felt tip and flat collage materials (such as tissue paper) can all be used.

  • Bright coloured effects work much better than glitter effects. Metallic paint and glitter will not have the same effect once processed (and can turn out grey and dull), so it is better not to use them.

  • ​It is possible to create artwork on a white background,  though better results can often be creating a coloured background first. For example, you could use strips of multi-coloured tissue paper or a ‘colour-wash’ of thin paint.

  • Don't use lead pencil or pencil crayons which have thin or light outlines – there may not be enough colour on the artwork for it to be clearly visible.

  • Make sure there is strong contrast between the subject matter and the background. For example, white cotton wool stuck onto a white background, or pale cream paint on a white background will not have enough contrast to show through on the final design.

Take care

  • Be careful when wording forms part of the design. Fat Chilli are unable to edit anything or correct any spelling mistakes - we wouldn't want t anyone to be disappointed with the final complimentary sample. 

  • Make sure that children do not cram in a lot of important details at the very edges of the paper - as up to 3mm of the design around the edge of the paper may be lost when processing the artwork.

Feedback - let us know what you think

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